RASSVETAIEFF Y PAULON S.C., is a law firm founded in 1996 that specializes in providing integral legal advice. The professional services provided are consistent with the legal requirements of the ever changing global community and its technological advances, by virtue of the continuing professional development of its members. The firm provides in a personalized way professional services to its clients: businessmen and their companies, as well as those who require legal advice in any of their activities.

Our commitment is to have experienced professionals in various areas, to advise and represent our clients in a personalized way, covering all legal aspects that require each of them, based on the highest ethical and professional values. The philosophy of the firm and its partners have been establish and maintain a boutique firm, to provide personalized attention to our clients with strict and constant monitoring of the business and affairs entrusted, always assisted by other members of the firm, highly specialized professionals in various areas of law